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CASIT Survey

How was the overall quality of our service?: 
1 - Poor
Do you have any other comments or feedback?: 

I am generally a fan and big booster of the service provided by CASIT. But I have now twice had unfortunate interactions with one of your student assistants [...]. [They] repeatedly gave me the wrong instructions when the right instructions would have solved the problem instantly over the phone. When the problem persisted, [they] said [they] would refer the problem to someone on an urgent basis (since I was out of email contact). No one called back by the end of the day, so I began playing around with possible fixes myself. As soon as I put my complete email -- rather than just my user name as I was being instructed -- with, the problem was solved. In any event, I have not been impressed with that particular assistant. As I said earlier, everyone else has been terrific and I appreciate the service.